These are virtual spaces comprising more than 2.200 officials from over 380 cities and from all the political parties that are responsible for the same issue in local governments in Argentina. These virtual communities share the following objectives:

  • Exchange experiences and good practices
  • Share information and trends
  • Present inspirational cases of cities in Argentina and from all over the world
  • Support and share projects
  • Create training opportunities with specialists
  • Address common challenges

How do they work?

These spaces are moderated by RIL facilitators and rely on the exchange of experiences and spontaneous questions sent by officials via Whatsapp, as well as on content provided by RIL’s website in sections that supplement content from other platforms:

Share your case

Virtual meetings where a community member shares an initiative, project, or a good practice.


A community member presents a management challenge he/she is facing and the group provides recommendations for improvement.


Talks with local and international experts.


Inspirational phrases and content.


Calls to take part in cooperation funds, programs, prizes, recognition awards, seminars, conferences, and other interesting information.


Articles and news of interest.


Systematized data derived from the collaborative work of Community members.


Monthly summary compiling all the Community’s events.

The following communities are currently active:


To me, the RIL community means connection, inspiration. It is a tool that has been very useful to continuously improve our daily management activities.
It has been a rich source of alternatives implemented by other municipalities. It is a back-and-forth exchange of ideas, a connection, a thread that connects us with different realities and experiences within the community.
I believe these are very interesting spaces where you can meet with colleagues, exchange information, experiences, and public policies.

Strategic Partnerships for the Communities

In order to promote diverse and inclusive spaces and bring their participants closer to the most recent trends and solutions, each Community is supported by companies and organizations that are in line with the key issue in question and enrich the focal point by providing their experiences, tools and knowledge.


Would you like to join a community? Click on this link to fill in your information.

Link to impact reports: 2020 Report