They are small groups of officials working together under a peer-mentoring methodology for the purpose of improving local public policies presented by each member and developing joint projects at regional level.

Since 2013, RIL has already implemented more than 50 peer-advisory groups with over 100 officials from different cities in Argentina, including mayors, chiefs of staff, secretaries of the treasury, of production and economic development, and/or of public works, directors of employment, gender-related and citizen services departments.

Work Methodology: 3 KEY PILLARS


Group meeting

Meetings are held every month, alternating the host city. The public policy issue presented by the host official is discussed in these meetings. The participating colleagues visit the facilities, analyze and discuss the case, and then provide their recommendations, suggestions, and experiences to address the issue in question.


Monthly tour

The facilitator from RIL pays a monthly visit to each member of the group to work individually with the official and his/her team and discuss the area-specific strategy, planning, project and needs agenda.


Work plan

Regional initiatives are carried out based on group interests and to address common issues and needs.


Taking part in the group has provided me with other views on the same issue, and the opportunity to establish more direct relationships with key representatives working in my same area in other municipalities.
It is amazing how our facilitator leads us to think of and search for solutions, with us being almost unaware of it! Sometimes it seems unbelievable how we manage to find solutions to the problems presented, when half an hour before we were all speechless, without knowing where to start.
What I value the most is the team spirit, the chance to have a space for ongoing consultation and, above all, the possibility to figure out solutions that were devised by all of us.