We develop tools by and for local governments, which allow them to concentrate in an agile and systematized way, their data on different topics, to transform it into meaningful information that serves as a source for the design and implementation of public policies.

These instruments allow government teams
●  an agile and simultaneous uploading of information to carry out projects and deliver services.
●  to identify what, how much, and to what extent a given benefit, tool or service is provided to citizens and city institutions, thus also serving as a powerful instrument to promote transparency.
●  to foster a change in the organizational culture, orienting it towards the systematization, articulation and transmission of information and sensitizing it towards objectives and the achievement of results.

On implementation

Allows municipalities to have accurate and updated information to follow up on different actions and actors involved in their social programs, integrating and systematizing data on people, benefits and interventions.

In development

Allows agile and systematized access to information on the people and economic actors that make up their local ecosystem, while systematizing and linking the range of tools available to support the development of these actors.

In development

It gathers in a synthetic and systematized way the relevant information on the projects that a local administration carries out, in compliance with its government plan. It allows an agile loading of information by programmatic area and to associate the actions to a plan translated into management axes, objectives and goals.

Being designed

It will allow to integrate and systematize the environmental information of the municipality from the preservation of natural resources, consumption of main resources (energy, water), air quality, waste management and emissions generated by the activity developed in the cities.