The Efficient Cities Program supports government teams in the development and implementation of tools that optimize governments’ management and gear them towards accurate results that lead to evidence-based decisions: strategic planning, follow-up, process re-engineering, impact measurement and accountability of local management.


Municipal strategic planning

through the strategic planning tools, we seek to establish the short, medium and long-term vision of the city. We successfully translate the transformation that a government team envisions -strategic pillars into objectives, concrete goals and impact indicators, so that the results of local management actions can be evaluated and measured.


Methodologies for management follow-up

We support the government teams to develop and implement a follow-up methodology which, in many cases, implies a cultural change requiring a technical team, the development of the relevant tools and instruments, the selection of those system that adjust to the team’s needs and the training of the people involved.


Impact measurement

We design the processes to collect and analyze data and information relating to results, deliverables and impact stemming from the actions carried out by the government teams.


Drafting of management evaluation reports

we design tools that centralize strategic information about progress made, describe the current situation and identify opportunities for improvement, thus becoming valuable input to review the action plan on a case-by-case basis. This allows the city mayor and their staff to be informed at all times about the actions taken in different areas and the results obtained.


Process reengineering

We support the teams so that they can improve their processes, always understanding that they should focus on the citizens and their needs.

The Guidelines for Management Tools gives more detailed information about these methodologies.


Click here to learn more about our guidelines for management tools.

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