Through the use of the self-diagnostic tools, we can determine the comprehensiveness of a local government’s approach to a specific issue in the agenda. They are the answer to the question: what aspects should be taken into consideration to have a comprehensive policy on this specific issue?

Developed jointly with specialists, self-diagnosis tools summarize the lessons learned by the public and private sectors. They map out a validated path towards the full deployment of local action plans on more than 20 items including early childhood, the promotion of knowledge economy, digital transformation, financial inclusion and the management of urban soil.

We expect this agile tool to encourage government action: answering the questions gives government teams a clear idea of their strengths and opportunities for improvement, facilitating the design of a plan that seeks to improve local policies. This is the reason why all the self-diagnosis tools are available in the “Assess me” section of RIL’s Municipal Management Portal, where they can be answered online, and replies can be downloaded so that they can be used as input for project work.

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