Driving a cultural change in how public policies are designed

Innovating in the public sector poses a big challenge that many governments plan to address. They understand this as the main way to provide effective impact solutions to both old problems and new opportunities and challenges within the current context.

Innovative Cities are those cities that make decisions focusing on the people, implement a public-private and community-based perspective, and seek to improve the quality of life of citizens by designing projects with increased impact: +i projects.

Through Innovative Cities, RIL invites local government officials to navigate the innovative public policy design guide, thus fostering the development of +i projects, which provide more innovation, more integration, more inclusion, more collective intelligence, more implementation, and greater impact. These projects are designed in a collaborative fashion and seek to drive a systemic change in cities, involving the entire local ecosystem based on solutions developed under a multisector vision.

Following this line of work, RIL carries out two important programs: the Local Innovators Program, which in 2021 is being held for the fifth time and provides support to local teams of municipal officials and social entrepreneurs to design innovative solutions meant to address the big challenges faced by cities, and the Marketplace of Local Solutions, a space intended to connect +i projects with impact investors.

Since 2020, both programs have been an integral part of AYNI | System Innovation Communities, an initiative pursued by RIL and other organizations, such as Ashoka, Vía Educación (Mexico) and Co-Lab (Chile), which mobilizes municipal officials, social entrepreneurs and citizens in Latin America and promotes the co-design of transformative public policies from a systemic point of view.

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Marketplace of Local Solutions


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