A Local Development Agency is a civil society organization comprised of different public, private and third sector actors of a city and region who are brought together to deploy local and regional development strategies. When a Development Agency is created, a common objective, a legal type of organization, a work methodology and a governing body are defined, reflecting the diversity of the organization members.

RIL believes that Development Agencies are a very valuable tool for cities, so that all community actors may work in a coordinated manner. By creating a diverse work space, a Development Agency helps strengthen the initiatives pursued by its members.

Furthermore, an agency allows working on present and future local competitive advantages and setting a development project for the city based on those advantages. Finally, a Development Agency will help capitalize on any national or international financing opportunities that are specifically targeted to local development agencies. Thus, as an agile and flexible organization, a Development Agency brings together the key economic players in the city with a focus on strategic projects, thus going beyond any specific term of office.

RIL provides support to public-private teams so they may specify the foundational principles to create Development Agencies in their cities in terms of governance, vision, members, charter, and any programs they will carry out. To this end, a team of RIL facilitators will work with the group during the different stages, from creation through consolidation.


Would you like to encourage the creation of a Development Agency in your city? Contact us at contacto@redinnovacionlocal.org.