The challenges faced by local governments are increasingly more complex, covering multiple facets and aspects. Their resolution cannot be based on a linear process handled by a single area of government, and sometimes the effort of an entire government working on only one goal is not even enough. Today, the coordination within governments to include the civil society, companies and citizens in order to make the most of all the value and knowledge that the community can provide, is not only desirable, but has also become necessary if the objective of an actual transformation is to be met.

  • This program provides support to cities that want to encourage collaborative work spaces by organizing public-private coordination groups.
  • These groups can be created to address a specific public challenge, with a start and end date, or with a more overarching, institutional-based mission that will continue over time.
  • Each city gets support from RIL facilitators whose goal is to create the necessary conditions to guide the group towards the achievement of results during the collaborative work process.

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