How can I become a member of the Local Innovation Network?

Join this network to access knowledge, tools and methodologies that will enable you to become a leader and transform your city. RIL members can access an exclusive portal where they can get training, evaluation, inspiration and connections. With RIL you will be able to know more about local management and connect with hundreds of colleagues.

With RIL membership, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

Map of Local Solutions

Self-diagnosis Tools

Virtual Communities

Bulletin with innovative ideas

Technical training with specialists

Special events for members

Exchanges of ideas with peers

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We offer additional support programs based on different facilitating methods to local governments that are already RIL members.

Their implementation accelerates the transformation in the city:

Collaborative Cities Program

Learning with peer cities.

Innovative Cities Program

Implementation of +i projects.

Efficient Cities Program

Using data to plan strategies.

Sustainable Cities Program

Encouraging the formation of partnerships for future development.

Digital Cities Program

Taking advantage of technology for city services.